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Friday Favorites: Mulled Wine

Welcome back, my little witches and ghosts! I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween, and no one got run over by hordes of trick-or-treat-ers. I had a blast dressing up as one of my favorite villains: Amarantha from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. As the weather gets colder, especially up…… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Mulled Wine

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Disney Villain Stamps

If you remember, my last post (which you can read here) was all about hand written letters. There‚Äôs something about putting pen to paper that changes the way we connect. With screens in our faces all the time, I think maybe getting a piece of mail in our mailbox can mean more than just an…… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Disney Villain Stamps