5 Reasons Why You Need a Meal Planner (& Free Printable)

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Before Chesh and I moved up to Michigan for our jobs working with Cedar Campus, I never had to worry about grocery money. I made a decent amount and didn’t have to worry about over-spending on groceries. And all things considered, my budget was pretty high for only one person. When we moved up to the Great White North, our annual salary got cut WAY down from what it used to be (that’s what I get for loving camp so much…) I had to budget and STICK to my budget. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why You Need a Meal Planner (& Free Printable)”

Secret Recipes: Mom’s Cheeseball

Every year around this time, mom starts making cheesball. Simply put, it’s a round ball made of cheese, and served with crackers. I’ve seen many a store-bought cheeseball with pimento cheese, rolled in almonds. This, my poor uncultured friends, is NOT a cheeseball. Yes, it might be labeled as one in the cheese section at Walmart, and may seem fancy, in it’s plastic wrapping, but this is NOT what the true meaning of the season of cheeseballs is. Continue reading “Secret Recipes: Mom’s Cheeseball”

Stuffed Mushrooms and Creative Boosts

As any creative person knows, there will always be slumps in the creative process. Or life. The house you promised to keep clean is a mess, the laundry is piling high, there are dishes in your sink, on your counter, and stuffed in the vegetable bin in your fridge just to keep them out of sight. (Not that I would ever hide dishes in my fridge … Continue reading Stuffed Mushrooms and Creative Boosts