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Friday Favorites: 8 Teas for your Tastebuds

This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what that means, read here. As many of you know, I caught the plague right around New Year and have been struggling to climb out of my hole of cough drop wrappers and used tissues. Not a pretty sight, I promise you. In the meantime, I’ve…… Continue reading Friday Favorites: 8 Teas for your Tastebuds


Secret Recipes: Mom’s Cheeseball

Every year around this time, mom starts making cheesball. Simply put, it’s a round ball made of cheese, and served with crackers. I’ve seen many a store-bought cheeseball with pimento cheese, rolled in almonds. This, my poor uncultured friends, is NOT a cheeseball. Yes, it might be labeled as one in the cheese section at…… Continue reading Secret Recipes: Mom’s Cheeseball

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Friday Favorites: Mulled Wine

Welcome back, my little witches and ghosts! I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween, and no one got run over by hordes of trick-or-treat-ers. I had a blast dressing up as one of my favorite villains: Amarantha from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. As the weather gets colder, especially up…… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Mulled Wine