pictaaaaaaas (2)

The reason there are always “About” pages on blogs are because as a reader, you want to know what you’re about to get yourself into. Is this girl as awkward as she appears? Quite possibly. Either way, I do applaud you for making your way to the “About” page. That means I’ve at least piqued your interest enough for you to check me out as a person. Blog hunting means you’ve been skimming a couple blogs by now, searching for a specific topic or an interesting writer with which to give your time. As I’ve said, I’m honored you’ve made it this far.

In order to let you know a little more about me, I offer to you a list. But not just any list, but a Question and Answer list. Hopefully this will clear some things up about me and my blog.

Ahem. Let it begin.

Q: What’s your name?
A: As of 04/22/2017, it’s Reinhard. Hannah Reinhard.

Q: Where do you live?
A: On this planet currently, but mostly it’s wherever I don’t have to wear pants.

Q: But really though, where?
A: Sigh. South Carolina. Georgia. West Virginia. Michigan. Honestly, I kind of live everywhere.

Q: How did you learn to write?
A: I suppose from picking up a pencil and practicing. That’s how anything of accomplishment is done, I expect. I also love to read, and sifting together words to tell a story is one of my favorite things.

Q: Hannarchy…What’s up with that?
A: You want to know the truth? I always thought Hannah was a crappy name. The only nickname you could make from it was Hannah-Banana, and I’ve never really been a fan. Finding a fun wordplay with my name has always been a challenge. I kind of stumbled onto Hannarchy when trying to name my blog. It seemed to suit me well. I try to be a rebel in my own way and follow where my heart’s headed, rather than the crowd. That doesn’t mean I always succeed, but I’m putting forth an effort at least. In my mind, that’s a step in the right direction.

Q: Who is Cheshire? You talk about him a lot…
A: Cheshire is actually a camp nickname, but Chesh is my husband. We got married April 22, 2017 and I love him to smidges. He is my adventure buddy and my main squeeze.

Q: Why should I read your blog?
A: You shouldn’t. At least for not any reason I can give you. I’m just here to talk about stuff. Life mostly, I hope. And me. Writing helps me process things better. Maybe my written outbursts can help you too. If not, then that’s ok. Read my blog because it interests you and not because I’m begging or hoping you’ll like me. Ok that’s a lie. I AM hoping you’ll like me. But that’s because of my own insecurities. (I’m trying to work on that…)

Q: This isn’t a question…But I like you.
A: And I like you, random citizen.