Reflections on Project 333

It’s been a month now, which was my original goal, and that has given me a chance to decide if Project 333 or capsule wardrobes are something I want to continue or not. If you didn’t already know, last month I chose 33 items out of my closet, and participated in the Project 333 challenge. I had to live with just those 33 items for a month. Check out more in my original post here. At the start of this project I was really optimistic about my newfound clothing choices. But now my month is up, and I’m ready to go back to my normal sized closet.

Image shows a outfit laid out with Bunty the cat sitting on the clothing.

I had quite a few preconceived notions about how this was going to help my life, and how I was going to become a cleaner, more put together person, with beautiful outfit choices and clean laundry-less floors. This is NOT what happened, I’m sorry to admit.

Instead of being able to whip up an outfit faster (considering I had fewer choices), I spent just as much time trying on things, changing my mind, trying something new, and ultimately making a mess. While at first I felt good about my outfit choices, I realized pretty quickly that having fewer options only made it harder. I found myself staring into my drawers or closet and thinking “Now I REALLY have nothing to wear.” Options got boring quickly, and I felt like I was wearing the same 3 outfits over and over and over again.

Another preconceived notion was that since I would have less clothes to access, I would therefore have less clothes piling up on the floor. Again, this was the case for the first two weeks, to which followed all of my clothes in one of two places: the floor or the laundry basket. I did way more laundry than I wanted to, and it honestly felt more water wasteful.

Image shows a outfit laid out with Bunty the cat walking across the clothing.

This past week, I will admit, that I broke into the forbidden tubs in my closet to pull out a few tshirts. I was really suffering, you guys. I needed something, ANYTHING, different. If I truly did learn anything from this experience though, it’s that I don’t want to waste closet space on things I think I might wear, instead of things I actually wear. For example: in my original 33 items, I included two rompers that I haven’t worn once this whole month. I realize that I don’t like how I look in one of them, and the other is more of a fancy occasion romper that I just don’t use that often. My next step after this experience is to go through and take a hard look at the stuff I own, and try and donate as much of it as I can. If I honestly and truly don’t wear it, but am keeping it in my closet for “one day”, then it needs to go.

So! Do you think you could try out the Project 333 challenge? Even for a month? I want to challenge all of you to at least take a good long look at your closet and determine if the clothes you own are really things you wear, or are they just taking up needless space in your closet.

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