The Life of the Ren Faire

Last November, Cheshire and I went to our first Renaissance Faire with our friends, Reese and Lydia. It was only until this last week that I remembered the hundred of photos I’d taken, and more importantly, that I hadn’t shared any yet. And so if you will, allow me to rectify the situation.

Since it was my first time to a Ren Faire, I had no idea what to expect. All of us had decided to dress up (because why the heck not?) and had lucked out by coming during the “Time Travelers” weekend. Not only were there medieval costumes, but dragons and wild beasts, and Doctor Who time lords and Star Wars troopers. Just in the front gate, I met a fairy. And then a talking statue. And then dancing minstrels and performers on stilts. And then. Oh dear friend and then I met a dragon.

Never in my life have I ever felt more connected to a group of people. Absolute belonging. Within the first 15 minutes of being there, I was crying. So many nerds in costume. So many characters and roles and lives devoted to the fan-fair. It was glorious. And I never wanted to leave.

There were tons of shops. Anything from costumes to real armor, they had everything. Hungry? Have a leg o lamb. Not dressed up enough? Here a full fairy dress complete with wings and pointy shoes. Need a leather bound tome for skrying? Got you covered. There wasn’t near enough time (or money) for all the shops and stores filled with Renaissance wares.

And then of course on top of all that there are the shows. Dancing pigs, fire jugglers, high wire silks, comedic nuns, birds of prey, and of course, the mermaids.

While we did unfortunately miss the mermaid show, the perfect grand finale was the joust. We caught the last one of the day, had excellent seats (gotta catch em early) and watched our knight rightfully win only to have the other side cheat and be crowned the victor. That wouldn’t stand of course, and in an epic end, the knights fought and died, complete with spurts of blood and a resounding applause and bow at the end.

By the end of the day, my feet were aching, I was freezing in my light summer cape, and I was the happiest I’d ever been in my life. Chesh and I decided to do the Renaissance Faire again every year, and maybe this year we’ll get to see those mermaids.

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