Bunt Cat

I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. Everyone, this is Bunt Cat.

Bunty is a reverse tortoiseshell that we adopted January 5th. She is a complete sweetie, and just under a year old. Cheshire and I both grew up with cats, but neither of us have owned a cat quite so cuddly. She’s also an absolute spaz, and will suddenly jump up and tear out of the room. She finds the lazer pointer interesting for about a minute before she decides it’s beneath her, and is curious about everything, including the toilet bowl. Taking a bath with her around is guaranteed some mishaps.

Her name was Bunty when we adopted her, and so far we haven’t come up with anything better. Bunty has somehow evolved to Bunt Cat, or Bunts, as well as a couple humerous variations, including but not limited to:

  • Bunty-baby
  • Buntarito
  • Mush Cat
  • Nugget
  • Kit Kat
  • Bunt Bunt
  • Five dollarito bunt box

Our first night with her, she slept in our room (we wanted her to get to know us first before she met Miracle the Wonder Dog), which we soon realized was a terrible mistake. All through the night Cheshire and I were pounced upon, and the entire contents of my desk were quickly deposited on the floor to Bunty’s amusement. She ate or bit almost every scrap of paper in the room, and tried eating Chesh’s toes which hang off the end of the bed. Hereafter, Bunt Cat was banished from the bedroom at night. This of course does not stop her from sticking her stupid little paw under the door and waving it at us.

We’ve also placed three water pistols around the house to deter her from getting on the kitchen and coffee tables. Climb across the back of the couch? No problem. Leap across my lap to the arm rest? No biggie. Place even one paw on the coffee table? BAM! Death by water pistol.

She’s so good at looking camera ready; her pensive stare out the window is incredibly photogenic. She also has an excellent derp face, which has us often wondering if this is the same cat… (represented by the photos below).

She and Miracle get along well, although I don’t see any snuggling in their near future. Miracle is old enough now to know that she likes her space and get’s a little jealous of all the attention the cat seems to get. Miracle knows she isn’t allowed on the couch, so seeing Bunts curled up in our laps I’m sure is frustrating. We haven’t forgotten her though, and I try to make sure Miracle knows she isn’t second fiddle.

Bunty has so much spunk and so much gumption. Watching her run around the house attacking random socks keeps Chesh and I in constant giggle fits. It’s been so nice to have her added to our family.

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