July BuJo Layouts

I’ve been stressed lately. Stressed and tired and annoyed at small insignificant things, and wishing with entirely too much ferocity that it was the weekend already so I could breathe.

When I feel stressed and tired and just done, I find a lot of comfort in art. Logo designs, coloring, watercolors, bullet journaling, doodling. These things help me breathe again and can take me from somewhere dark and stormy, to somewhere with sun and a pina-coladas and a sea breeze.

Last weekend I watercolored all Saturday. And it was so absolutely perfect. Minimal stress, just trying out some new brushes and new techniques I found online. This past week, I worked on my July Bullet Journal (or BuJo) layouts. And as a weird sort of “sharing-my-joy” post, I’m sharing some of those designs today.


And because I’m tired, and don’t really have much else to say, let me say this: Thank you for sharing in my joy today.

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4 thoughts on “July BuJo Layouts

  1. I’m new to bullet journals but this has definitely inspired me to be more creative with my own. Thanks for sharing. šŸ˜Š


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