Friday Favorites: Self Love

I wrote a post in February titled Self Harm, Depression, and Monsters Under the Bed. It was a hard and honest look at what my life has been like dealing with self harm and depression, and I was terrified to finally get it out. I was so scared to show the pain and talk about something that felt like a giant monster that was constantly waiting for me, and it hurt my relationships with others, and most importantly with myself.

I got so many emails after that post. Letters and texts from people who I hadn’t talked to in ages, who told me they loved me and respected me for being honest about my life. People cried with me, and hugged me, and told me it was going to be ok. The support was overwhelmingly beautiful and made me feel so lucky to be alive. It made me thankful for the resonant voices of people in my life loving and encouraging me. And it made me incredibly sad for those without that support.

I have had the amazing opportunity to be a confidant and a listener as friends have poured out their own stories to me. I have hurt and cried for them, and tried my best to be a voice of love and encouragement. We need reminders, I think, for all of us to remember who we are. How important we are amidst the chaos of society. Some people wear rubber bands on their wrists (as did I) as an alternative to self harm. Today, I want to talk about something I found on the wide wide web that doesn’t just support an alternative to self harm, but an act of self love.


Motivational Store sells these temporary tattoos that have positive messages on them like “Calm”, “Onwards and Upwards”, “This Too Shall Pass”, and “I Am Enough”. You can also order them with no color as well.


This Courage pin is sold by Loverly Bones and is another great reminder to have courage through the pain. Never give up.


Created by Mental Health Magic, these enamel pins continue the band-aid theme of positive motivation as an accessory.


These positive affirmation stickers sold by Siobhan Williams Art can be put on anything, a laptop, notebook, planner, or phone case.


I absolutely love this shirt. Even through the pain, we are continuing to grow and learning to love ourselves and who we are.

As a final thought, I’d like to say this: These material things can’t “fix” anything. They aren’t some magic potion that makes everything okay again. That isn’t how life works. BUT there are people we can put in our lives, and positive messages that we can remind ourselves with to keep breathing. To keep living. A reminder that I am enough. I am loved. That every day I take a stand against my pain and fear and demons is another day I can have an impact on this earth and the people around me. I just sometimes need something to remind me.

I love you.


This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what that means,Β read here.

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