May Finds & Faves

So I actually didn’t realize until after I had compiled this list that I had collected mostly jewelry… But I guess I’ve really had jewelry in the forefront of my mind! I recently had my jewelry holder take a dive and I’m still struggling to find a full pair. I’ve also been trying to find some unique earrings for the summer and thought these were pretty great.

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I love that one side is longer than the other! These earrings also kind of remind me of the theater masks (which I think is pretty neat)


These geometric earrings also come in gold and silver, but I’m really feeling the black on this one…


I’m just starting to get into tassel earrings a little, and I love how subtle these are. The gold and grey pair well together.


Keep what matters, forget the rest. Good reminder to not hang on to the negative.


Loving that these sandals are so pretty and still ELASTIC. I hate it when my feet slide around in my shoes, but these are perfect!


Llama chip clips!! Need I say more?


I’m definitely shared socks from this store before (Many Mornings) before but that’s just because they’re so cute! I love these unicorn and striped ones!


I’ll take sushi rolls over gender rolls any day…


More tassel earrings! I love the bright blue and pink!! These will go well with my next hair color * wink wink*…


I’m really loving the black and white stripes on this dress. Nice and fresh for summer!


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