What I Wore: Is It Spring Yet?

The answer is no. It is not Spring. In fact, it is snowing right now as I type this. Just because the sun is shining and you can sit on the porch without a jacket does not mean it’s Spring. Is it March? April? May? In the North? Yes? Then it’s still winter. Geez…

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IMG_6586 editcollage2IMG_6593 editIMG_6604 editIMG_6589 editcollage3IMG_6601 edit

 – Target (similar via Amazon)
Overalls – Charlotte Russe (they don’t have these anymore, but they have a bunch on sale!)
Shoes – Kelly Green Converse
Sunglasses – Hot Topic (similar here and here via Amazon)
Jacket – stole from Cheshire’s closet
Lipstick – Wet n Wild Megablast lip color in Wine Room

I love these overalls. They scream spring, which is something my soul has been screaming for a while now. I’d been looking for the perfect pair of overalls, (mainly ones that weren’t too expensive) and found these! I bought them online from Charlotte Russe (go and look at them right now! THEY’RE ON SALE!) and really was just looking for something that was comfortable and stretchy. Loose without feeling like they were “fashion” overalls instead of comfortable overalls.

Also, do you not absolutely LOVE these sunglasses? I bought them last summer and then they went missing for a while. I just recently found them again, and popped them on for this shoot. I love the cat eye shape, especially the pink/purple reflections. I tried finding them again (Hot Topic) but they’ve moved on since then. I was able to find some on Amazon that I love that are super close.

You guys, the sun came out, and my hair was freshly dyed and I felt fantastic. I grabbed a blanket and sat on my porch for these photos. I know you can still see snow in the background, but for me in that moment, I was in SPRING. Unfortunately a couple days later it snowed. Like a lot. Sigh. I’ve been told that snow finally begins to melt sometime in late April and the warm weather starts to rise sometime in the end of May.

What’s your favorite Spring look? and how do you rock YOUR overalls?


9 thoughts on “What I Wore: Is It Spring Yet?

  1. Girl, you totally rock those overalls!! I don’t think I’ve owned a pair since I was like 9. And I’m pretty sure they had Hedwig the owl looking out of the front pocket. lol!! I just don’t think I can do it, but totally jealous of those of you that do!! P.S. Its supposed to be 80 degrees today here in Arkansas!! YES!!

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  2. This outfit looks nice! I can’t say I’ve worn overalls since I was a kid, but I would definitely think about it. x


  3. As a Minnesotan waiting for the snow storm today (sigh), I’m wondering the same thing. Cute outfit, love the shoes!


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