2018 Goals in Review

It’s officially March, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my 2018 Goals that I made for myself around the New Year. Each and every goal is important to me and are things I want to do daily. Let’s see how those goals have been going, eh?

Personal Goals

  • Do yoga regularly in the mornings. Apparently I suck at yoga-ing regularly. Take one look at my habit tracker page and you’ll see I only did yoga three times this month. FAIL.
  • Read at least one book per month. I read Liane Moriarty’s “A Husband’s Secret” for my book club in February and absolutely hated it. At least I read it.DSC_1283
  • Take a food photography class online and practice! I did really well on this in January, but absolutely failed in February.
  • Keep my kitchen cleaner. I was doing so well!! And then I burned the crap out of my hand on three separate occasions and all motivation to do dishes vanished.
  • Stay more organized with a bullet journal. I have absolutely CRUSHED this. I am obsessed with bullet journaling, and have been keeping up with it really well. SO PROUD!
  • Go for more walks. It’s just so cold outside….
  • Continue sending handwritten letters. I a couple in January and February, but I want to be writing more.
  • Get better at flossing consistently. Ugh. Not going well.
  • Write 2 short stories per month. Fail.
  • Be more aware of outfit choices. Whooo!!! This one I feel good about!

Blogging Goals

  • Blog at least twice a week. Three times a week, baby!
  • Plan ahead on blog posts. YES!InkedDSC_1287_LI
  • Review at least one product per month on Hannarchy. Geopetric pet gear, Adagio Tea, Hair Dye, and Ipsy Glam Bags. Take that!
  • Design at least one new piece of merch per month. I did redesign my blog layout (if you hadn’t noticed). Does that count?
  • Become more engaged in the blogging community. Almost every single day!

New Goals

  • Take my vitamins every day
  • Do more outfit posts on the blog
  • Make more of an effort with my basil and rosemary plants
  • Instagram more consistently
  • Take more photos of every day life

I feel really confident with how well I’ve done so far. I guess the big thing to remember is to go day by day and not let the little things trip you up. If you fail, so what? Tomorrow is another day to try again!

How are YOUR new years goals working out? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “2018 Goals in Review

  1. Kendra’s post @ Helga-Marie pointed me your way and I’m so glad it did! Now following! Love this goals post and I’m inspired to do my own and to kick my bullet journal up a notch! Also, loving your hair! Look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome! Kendra’s pretty great, isn’t she? ❤ YES GIRL! I'm totally obsessed with my bullet journal! I'll be doing a post soon on layouts, so keep an eye out!


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