What I Wore: 24 on the 24th


collage2IMG_6417 editIMG_6499 editIMG_6512 editIMG_6491 editcollage1IMG_6477 editcollage3IMG_6395 edit

Striped top
 – Walmart (similar via Amazon)
Skirt – Amazon (my brother got me this one for Christmas and IT HAS POCKETS!!!)
Necklace – Etsy
Shoes – thrifted
Sweater – thrifted (similar via Amazon)
Sunglasses – borrowed
Lipstick – Ofra Cosmetics, Liquid Lipstick in ipsy Unzipped

You guys, it’s my birthday! Or at least it was on Saturday. If you didn’t catch it from the title, I turned 24 on the 24th. My golden birthday.  It was really special, since my family drove from Atlanta, GA to Cedarville, MI for my birthday week. I hadn’t seen them since leaving in September, so it was really nice to have everyone together again.

We went hiking, watched movies, played games, made macarons, went out for dinner, ate cake, the whole shebang! But I’ll post more on that tomorrow.

I really wanted balloons to hold during my birthday photos (I’ve seen so many cute pictures that way, and I love it!) but had given up on it because we live so far away from the closest Walmart. BUT! The morning of my birthday, my parents came over with BALLOONS! Turns out they sell them at the Family Dollar right down the road. I was so excited! I asked my mom to take the photos since she’s been taking them forever, and they turned out so cute! Miracle decided to join the fun, then promptly rolled around in the snow with her butt in the air. What a nugget…

I’ll post more pictures of my birthday week tomorrow, and in the meantime, enjoy these cute outfit photos from my birthday!


P.S. The necklace I’m wearing is actually half of a whole. I have the big dipper, and my sister Lydia has the little dipper. We came up with these nicknames for each other a while ago, and when I found these matching necklaces on Etsy, I had to get them!

6 thoughts on “What I Wore: 24 on the 24th

    1. Thanks! I found it on Etsy! I’ve been wanting to get a picture with me and my sister together wearing them but we haven’t had a chance yet. They’re perfect for moms and daughters or sisters or best friends! I think they look classier than the half-a-heart necklaces.

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