Freeman Mask Review

Hello lovelies! I’ve been looking for a decent mask lately, and had heard that Freeman makes really nice ones. I had a little look-see for myself and narrowed it down to three “flavors” or types.


The Purifying Clay Mask in Avocado + Oatmeal, the Polishing Gel Mask and Scrub in Charcoal + Black Sugar, and finally the Anti-Stress Clay Mask with Dead Sea Minerals. I don’t usually purchase a product until I know that I love it, so I got these three sample packs at Walmart before deciding to buy a full bottle. This is what I discovered:


Freeman’s Purifying Clay Mask in Avocado + Oatmeal 

I decided to try this one out first, and used it while doing some morning yoga. The color is kind of a pale mint and slides on really easily. There was a lot of product in the one pouch, so I had a little left over. The back says to leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, which was how long my yoga video was. The pictures below are at the beginning of the 10 minutes (left) and the end of the 10 minutes (right). As you can see from the right picture, the mask dried a little funny around my mouth and nose, leaving a bit of a discoloration. The mask started feeling tight around the 7 minute mark, which was a little weird, but left my face feeling clean after I washed off the mask.


Conclusion:  The strange tightness as the mask dries is the only reason I would give this a 4/5 stars. The mask was nice and gave of a nice smell. I would say this mask made my face feel more fresh and clean than anything else.


Freeman’s Polishing Gel Mask and Scrub in Charcoal + Black Sugar

This mask I put on in the bathtub. The packaging says to apply the dual-action mask to a wet face and neck. The consistency is very gritty (especially compared to the avocado + oatmeal mask which was rich and creamy) since one of the main ingredients is sugar. The instructions said to apply to your face and then let sit for 7-10 minutes. I left it on for 10 (so I could better compare it to the first mask), and didn’t see a change in consistency. As I left the mask on, I felt my face begin to warm a little bit (nothing uncomfortable), and gave a slight tingling sensation that was rather pleasant.

The instructions say to then add a little bit of water and exfoliate your face by rubbing in gentle circles as the mask cleans your pores. This part felt GREAT! A little bit like a sugar scrub, and it made my chin (which sometimes gets pretty bumpy with blackheads) feel smooth as a baby’s butt!

(For obvious reasons, the photo is cropped close.)

Conclusion: 5/5 stars. Even Chesh approved, rubbing my face in his hands and whispering “smoooooooooth.” This mask felt a little weird going on, but I loved the exfoliating aspect, and loved how nice and soft it made my face feel. In the end I would call this a scrub not a mask, so keep that in consideration.


Anti-Stress Clay Mask with Dead Sea Minerals

This one I had saved for last, since we had hosted dinner and Bible Study at our house, and I knew I would (unnecessarily) stress myself out about it. I was most excited about trying this one because I do get stressed out a lot, and taking time for myself (and yes this sometimes means pampering) helps me get my head straight.

This mask was very creamy, much like the first one, and came out as a nice pale teal color (which is actually is pretty close to my hair color). I applied the mask and then waited the allotted 15 minutes before washing it off. There was much less cracking and discoloration compared to the first one, which I took as a good sign.

I didn’t really feel more relaxed or “de-stressed” but I guess they all don’t work instantly. It wasn’t until about ten minutes after washing this mask off, that my face started to feel dry and tight. Not uncomfortably so, but just weird.

Conclusion: 3/5 stars. The consistency is great, but the after effects leave much to be desired. I didn’t feel calm, and more importantly, feel as though the mask did more “drying out” than anything else. It says on the package that it “clears pores” but it felt more like it stripped all the oils from my face leaving the skin dehydrated.

In the end I’m kind of disappointed in these masks. The best one was the charcoal and black sugar scrub, which I wouldn’t even consider a mask, but would still definitely purchase as an exfoliating scrub.

Are there any brands you really love? What should I try next? Leave your comments below and maybe I’ll try some out!



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