Recipe: Pumpkin Bread

IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! (sorry for yelling…) This has got to be my favorite time of year. The snow outside (it’s currently raining), the hustle and the bustle (I’m doing all my shopping online this year), the Christmas music (Chesh dislikes Christmas music), and all the food (I got this one, guys).

Growing up homeschooled, we didn’t take fall breaks or Thanksgiving breaks, or Easter breaks, but instead we took off the whole month of December and just did “Baking/Cooking class”. The majority of the days leading up to Christmas were spent making every kind of cookie, bread, and candy imaginable, and dancing around the kitchen to Christmas music while we did it. One thing I’m definitely going to miss this year is being in the kitchen with my mom. BUT! I did ask her to send me some more recipes, and so I present to you today: Pumpkin Bread. This stuff is the BOMB. I could eat a whole loaf of this stuff for breakfast and not get sick. Toasted with cream cheese? Oh yeah, baby!


Pumpkin Bread also makes a great gift option, if you’re into the DIY gifts instead of purchased ones. Wrap it up in some parchment paper (or your choice of packaging), and voila! A perfect, yummy, homemade gift.



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