What I Wore: Winter Mermaid

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Notice anything different?! My hair is blue! Ever since the pink, I’ve been needing some more color in my life. Since moving to the Upper Peninsula, I’ve realized that not only does it get cold and dark and dreary in the winter, it also turns monochrome. The ice freezes over and the trees look grey, and the sky is grey and the snow is painfully white and you just NEED SOME COLOR. So, I decided to take it upon myself to be that color. I’m a mermaid in the snow.

I’ve always wanted blue hair, and while I did the underside teal in college, it’s not quite the same as doing the whole thing. Normally I would have done it myself, but I needed a cut too, and decided to drop the extra cash and go to a salon. The Cutting Room is a hair salon in Sault Sainte Marie (or as locals call it, the Soo), and is cozy, quaint, but no where near quiet! The ladies at the Cutting Room are super talkative and someone is always gossiping about something. I had a fantastic time, and Autumn, my hair stylist did a fantastic job bleaching, re-dying, cutting, and styling my hair. The price was way lower than I expected too, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I asked Chesh to catch some pictures of the new hair, and decided to dress up for another dreary Friday. I love this outfit, and especially the velvet shirt that I found at Meijer. The skirt I’ve had since forever (like 9th grade) and I love the bit of tulle sticking out the bottom. Also, it’s Michigan in November, and we’re supposed to get snow again tomorrow. I was freezing taking these photos, but I didn’t want my coat covering up this great outfit! Soon enough I’ll learn to dress warmer, but until then, I’ll have to ignore the freezing wind and goosebumps!

DSC_0066 editSIDENOTE: Also can I just brag on this necklace for a second? I love this thing. I bought it for myself last Christmas after getting one for my roommate and being slightly jealous. But only slightly. I found Oil About You on Etsy, and fell in love with their jewelry instantly. All of their jewelry is made with essential oils in mind, and most of their pieces are made to be filled with essential oils. The necklace is so sweet and elegant and it comes with small felt discs that go inside the hinged necklace. You can open it up and add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. That way you always smell great, and depending on what oil you choose, stay rejuvenated all day long. Check out their stuff! Oil About You sells other beautiful jewelry too, like this beautiful bronze one that looks like a sunflower.

Silver Velvet Shirt
– Meijer (similar one here via Amazon)
Skirt – Kohls (similar via Amazon)
EarringsHot Topic (This is my favorite set and they’re on SALE!)
NecklaceEssential Oil Diffuser Necklace via OilAboutYou
Boots – Ross
Coat – Vintage

Stay posted to the blog for some fun Thanksgiving related content, including a special post on Thanksgiving Day!


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