What I Wore: A Walk in the Woods

DSC_0005 editDSC_0015 editDSC_0029 editDSC_0030 editDSC_0040 editDSC_0064 edit

 – Meijer
Pants – Target
Shoes –Target (similar via Amazon)
Cardigan – Walmart (similar via Amazon)
Earrings  – Similar via Amazon

Cedar Campus is absolutely drenched in orange and reds right now, and the lake won’t stop looking beautiful. I also wanted a reason to match with nature before everything got too cold and turned white.

I’ve also realized just how bad I am at taking photos of myself. I was super unhappy with how my “photoshoot” went, and have to keep reminding myself that I will learn to get better the more I practice. I wish I could just clone myself and solve the problem…sigh.

Happy Fall, ya’all!


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