The Reinhard Chronicles

After my last post, someone had commented on my Facebook page saying how much they were looking forward to reading more episodes of the Reinhard Chronicles. And since I loved that title so much, I think I’ll turn that into a thing. Being a wife is such a huge part of my life now, why not share the stuff I’m learning? And thus, let The Reinhard Chronicles begin.

The “honeymoon phase” is so commonly used to describe the first year of a married couple’s life. They hold hands in public, give each other sweet kisses, and look cute in general. It’s usually pretty easy to guess which couple is in the honeymoon phase by their general public display of affection. As Cheshire and I stood in the Walmart line the other day, clutching milk and our two new nerf guns (for an optimal game of hide and seek) and grinning like children, something occurred to me. Marriage (I’m told) isn’t always going to be like this. Optimism hanging in the air and the promise of the games to come. Eventually we’ll each fall into our individual roles as boring husband and boring wife, and the games will be tucked away in a closet for safe-keeping while we “adult-up” and take life seriously.

But even as I write this, Chesh is standing in the doorway like a 5 year old, munching on a bag of buffalo jerky. His hair is purple, and he looks happy as a clam. (Cheshire: “Are clams really happy? I always thought they looked upset…”) Will we ever “grow-up”? I sure hope not.

If being an adult means taking life seriously, making your bed, wearing pants, and choosing a nice nature calendar over nerf guns, then count me out. I want my life, especially now that I share that life with Cheshire, to be adventurous, bold, and fun! I don’t want to grow out of my “kid” stage. I want to be as much of me as I can possibly be. And if I want to play Bioshock pants-less, or dye my hair crazy colors, or put ink under my skin, or buy nerf guns just to give myself a reason to hunt down and shoot my new husband, then by golly….I’ll do it. Because I never want to look back and wish I’d been less boring. Less adult-like.

All of this occurred to me, as I clutched those nerf guns to my chest in the middle of the line at Walmart.

Me: “Husband?”
Him: “Wife?”
Me: “Can we never get boring?”
Him: “What do you mean?”
Me: “Can we always do fun things like buy nerf guns so we can shoot each other? Even when we’re really old, like 47? Can we be that couple that still rocks rainbow hair even though our kids roll their eyes at us because they turned out “normal” and think we’re weird?”
Him: “Yes. As long as we get to upgrade to bigger guns every once in a while.”

I think I scored a pretty great, good looking, smart, hot, sexy, cool, awesome husband. Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll keep this “honeymoon phase” going for the rest of our lives. Or we’ll die trying. #reinhardordiehard


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