Eucalyptus & Basil

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At work, I have a couple things on my desk that make me happy. I’ve put these things on my desk because every day life gets boring pretty quickly, and having things that make me smile can help a frustrating weekday go from poop to slightly less smelly poop. It’s the little things. One of these things is my Eucalyptus & Basil lotion from Bath & Body Works. It’s a whole stress relief aromatherapy thing that makes my day so much better. The front says: Relax and Refresh. A blend of Essential Oils that help combat mental fatigue to instill clarity. Probably smart for a person who gets really tired sitting at a desk all day long. It also smells gorgeous and the bottle advises you to “breathe deeply for best results,” which I do often and throughout my day.

My fiance knows I tend to over stress things sometimes and I get hyped up over stuff I shouldn’t. It ends up going to my head and I find myself with a migraine and a tightening in my chest that used to only occur during finals week in college. Partially it has to do with the fact that I’m a procrastinator through and through. It makes writing and deadlines really hard for me, and even small things turn into giant mountains. I get really intimidated with concepts, too. Like adulting. The concept of being an adult with real adult responsibilities terrifies me.

SIDENOTE: The word “adulting” makes me laugh. My computer doesn’t like it apparently because it gives me that red squiggly line underneath it that says: “You dummy. You don’t know how to spell words.” Since I tend to make up words to suit myself, I see that red squiggle a lot. It makes sense that the word “adulting” isn’t actually a real word, since the only time I’ve heard people use it are little kids like me, trapped in adult bodies. The use of the word is usually two adult-children trying to relate to one another the hopeless nonsensical feeling of…well, adult-ness. But back back to what I was saying before…

Being an adult is harder than I thought. Not so much that paying bills is scary, but more that there’s no one looking over my shoulder to make sure I’m doing it right. For some reason, graduating from college turned me into real mouth-breathing adult that they let do stuff. It’s like deciding that just because a kid likes unicorns you should give her glitter. You think to yourself, “She’s responsible enough not to spread glitter like the plague because she likes unicorns.”Faulty logic, my friend. Faulty logic. No human should ever be trusted with glitter.

Finding peace in the little things is something I’m trying to do lately and my Eucalyptus & Basil lotion does it. I slather it on and then take a second to breathe it in. It smells like freshness and an herb garden. It makes me want to move to Italy, honestly. Kick off my shoes and have a glass of blackberry wine. I feel like running through a vineyard in sandals and a fun summer dress, my hair (magically curled) blowing beautifully in the wind. It’s important to have things in your life that make you feel that way. I’m trying to make it a habit where I stop and really appreciate where I’m at. Even though it might be another stressful Tuesday, I can breathe in that Eucalyptus & Basil and remember that I have a job that pays my bills, a huge window by my desk, and a nose that works enough to be able to enjoy it all.

I have all of these things, and yet it’s easy to forget or get stressed out. The bottle on my desk doesn’t have magic powers, but it does remind me to take part in the moment I’m in. To breathe and appreciate where I’m at right now.

I guess in the end it starts with the small things like Eucalyptus & Basil.




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